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Register an account with Kadena SpireKey

Whether you're a user or developer, creating a Kadena SpireKey account is the first step to using WebAuthn authentication and authorization services. Registering for an account stores the account information you provide on the blockchain after registration is complete. Your secret information—biometric or otherwise—is encrypted and stored on the device you use to register.

No secret information is stored on the blockchain or in Kadena SpireKey.

To register for a new Kadena SpireKey account:

  1. Open Kadena SpireKey in a web browser on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

  2. Click Register to start entering your account information.

  3. Click in the Passkey field to generate a public and secret key pair.

    The secret key is encrypted and stored on the device you're using to register an account.

    The encrypted passkey is a WebAuthn credential that's protected with biometric data—such as a fingerprint or facial recognition—or a security key depending on the options available on the device you're using to register.

    Only the public key and credential identifier associated with the private passkey are stored on the blockchain after completing the account registration. No sensitive information is transferred to or stored on the Kadena blockchain or visible to the public.

Complete registration

After you create a passkey, Kadena SpireKey displays your Accounts page with a card representing your account information. While the registration transaction is processed, the account name—a string with the c: prefix—is presented in an animated state. After the registration transaction is successfully mined into a block, the animation stops to indicate that you have a fully functional Kadena SpireKey account guarded by a WebAuthn credential. You can use this account to connect to any applications that integrate with Kadena SpireKey and use your WebAuthn credential to sign transactions initiated by those applications.

The card representing your account information only displays the beginning and end of the c: account name. You can click Copy to the right of the account name to copy and paste the full account name whenever needed.

From the Accounts page, you can also view, send, or request transfers.

Select a network

Kadena SpireKey is currently configured to create all new accounts on the Kadena test network (Testnet). The network information is always displayed on the account preview card, so you know the network you are creating an account on. In the future, you'll be able to select a specific network when registering an account.

If you are doing application or wallet development, you can override the preset network configuration for development purposes.

To override the network configuration:

  1. Open Kadena SpireKey in a new Incognito or Private browser window.

  2. Open the Developer Tools.

  3. Open the Console and type the following command:

    localStorage.setItem('devMode', true);
    localStorage.setItem('devMode', true);
  4. Refresh the browser, then click Register to complete the registration with the option to select the development network as the second step.

Integrate with Kadena SpireKey

If you're an application developer, you can integrate the account services from Kadena SpireKey in decentralized applications. For an overview of the workflow, see Integrate decentralized apps. For technical details, see Kadena SpireKey technical specifications.