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Learn about Kadena

Start with blockchain basics and core Kadena concepts

Engage and learn the fundamentals

If you're new to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and decentralized platforms, start here to learn the basics, including how the internet is evolving in the direction of Web3, the problems of security, scalability, and centralization, and the core concepts and design principles at the heart of the Kadena network and Kadena ecosystem.

This part of the Kadena Docs site is for concepts, foundational information, and terminology for anyone interested in blockchain and decentralized application use cases. You should start here to learn the basics about blockchains, cryptography, consensus, Kadena, and more.

  • What is a blockchain? introduces the basics of blockchain technology, including the common concepts and terminology you need as context for learning more.
  • Why build on a blockchain? highlights the unique properties and value propositions that blockchains offer as extensions of the modern internet.
  • Why Kadena? summarizes the core principles and features that set the Kadena network apart.
  • Consensus describes consensus models and the consensus workflow from peer-to-peer communication, block finalization, and canonical chain resolution.
  • Chainweb simplified provides an overview of the Chainweb consensus protocol.
  • Accounts and keys explains account ownership, account types, and the relationship between accounts, addresses, and keys.
  • Glossary defines and explains concepts and terminology that are specific to blockchain technology or the Kadena ecosystem.
  • Kadena FAQ answers many of the most commonly-asked questions.
  • Kadena resources includes links to information resources outside of the documentation.

These topics won't make you an expert, but they should give you a good foundation and links to where you can find out more.

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