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Policy manager contract

As discussed in Contract architecture, the policy manager provides a standard for collecting and distributing fungibles and ensures that all of the policies applied to tokens are enforced. The policy manager provides the following key features:

  • The ability to customize and manage token behavior and attributes by enforcing built-in and custom policies.
  • Consistent and predictable policy enforcement.
  • The ability to stack multiple policies to craft the exact behavior requirement for every token.
  • A standardized interface for all policies through kip.token-policy-v2.

Source code: policy-manager.pact

Tables and schemas

The policy manager contract defines the following tables and schemas:

  • Ledgers table: Ensures functions are initiated only from the ledger.
  • Concrete policies table: Maintains concrete policy information for each token.
  • Sale whitelist table: Lists valid whitelisted sale contracts.
  • Quotes table: Archives quotes for quoted sales.
  • Ledger schema: Contains the module reference governed by the policy manager, adhering strictly to the ledger-v1 interface.
  • Concrete policies schema: Includes the module reference, strictly using the token-policy-v2 interface.


The policy manager supports a comprehensive set of capabilities to cover a wide array of functionalities:

  • QUOTE @event
  • BUY


As a general rule, all of the enforce-** functions require the ledger::**-CALL capability to be in scope to ensure that functions are initiated from the ledger. The enforce-** functions then extract the policy list from the token input, which lists the associated policies.

The policy manager defines the following functions:

  • enforce-init: Initiates policies::enforce-init at marmalade-v2.ledger.create-token.

  • enforce-mint: Executes policies::enforce-mint at

  • enforce-burn: Activates policies::enforce-burn at marmalade-v2.ledger.burn.

  • enforce-offer: Runs policies::enforce-offer at marmalade-v2.ledger.offer (step 0 of Here, an optional quote parameter can be accessed in the env-data field. If a quote is identified, the offer saves this quote, and escrow accounts are generated. Otherwise, the offer continues without quotes.

  • enforce-withdraw: Operates policies::enforce-withdraw at marmalade-v2.ledger.withdraw (step 1 rollback of

  • enforce-buy: Engages policies::enforce-buy at (step 1 of

  • write-concrete-policy: This function registers a concrete policy modref into the concrete policies table.

  • get-escrow-account: Returns the fungible escrow account created for quoted sales at enforce-offer. The escrow account receives the fungible from the buyer and distributes the fungibles to the policies and the seller at the buy step.

  • write-concrete-policy: Registers concrete policy modref into the concrete-policies table.

  • get-concrete-policy: Returns the modref of the concrete policy.

  • enforce-sale-pact: Ensures that the sale parameter provided to the function is equal to the ID of the currently executing pact. It does this by calling the pact-id function to retrieve the ID of the currently executing pact and comparing it to the provided sale parameter. If they are not equal, an exception will be thrown.