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  • Discord chat: Connect with a mining pool or get advice on your own configuration
  • Chainweb-miner: Kadena official README for mining to the Kadena Public Blockchain
  • BigOlChungus (Kadena miner): Open Source Linux AMD/Nvidia OpenCL miner; one instance per card (Community contribution)
  • KDA-Miner (Kadena miner): Open Source Linux AMD/Nvidia OpenCL miner, 10% fee (Community contribution)
  • NoncerPro-Kadena (Kadena miner): Closed Source Linux/Windows Nvidia Cuda miner, 2% fee (Community contribution)
  • SRBMiner (Kadena miner): Closed Source Linux/Windows AMD miner, 0.85% fee (Community contribution)
  • Troubleshooting: Common issues related to mining KDA