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Dutch auction sale contract

This section provides reference information for writing a smart contract to conduct a dutch auction using Marmalade on the Kadena network. The reference information includes the capabilities, schemas, tables, functions, and constants defined for a dutch auction.

Source code: dutch-auction.pact


The dutch auction smart contract defines the following capabilities to manage permissions:

  • GOVERNANCE: Defines governance for the contract and is controlled by the keyset defined under the ADMIN-KS constant.
  • AUCTION_CREATED: Specifies the event emitted after the auction is created by the seller.
  • PRICE_ACCEPTED: Specifies the event emitted after the buyer successfully executes the function in a sales contract.
  • DUMMY: Acts as a placeholder capability for the buyer-guard field.

Schema and table

The auctions-schema describes the following information for a dutch auction:

  • token-id
  • start-date
  • end-date
  • start-price
  • reserve-price
  • sell-price
  • price-interval-seconds
  • buyer
  • buyer-guard

The dutch auction contract stores auction information in the auctions table.


The dutch auction contract defines the following functions to manage token sales using the dutch auction format:

  • enforce-quote-update: Enforces a quote update when required for sale contracts. This function is called by the policy-manager.enforce-buy function to validate that the buyer has transferred the fungible amount equal to current-price set by the dutch auction. The function updates the auctions table with the winner information.
  • enforce-withdrawal: Enforces a withdrawal when required for sale contracts. This function is called by the policy-manager.enforce-withdraw function to validate that the auction has expired, or that the bid has already been placed.
  • validate-auction: Validates that the auction information adheres to contract logic in the create-auction and update-auction functions.
  • create-auction: Allows sellers to create the dutch auction for their token after providing auction information.
  • update-auction: Allows sellers to update auction information before the auction start time.
  • retrieve-auction: Retrieves auction information from the auctions table.
  • get-current-price: Calculates the current auction price by starting with the start-price and gradually reducing the price per price-interval-seconds, always ending with the last time interval at the reserve-price.


The dutch auction contract defines the following constants:

  • ADMIN-KS: Sets the marmalade-sale.marmalade-contract-admin for the GOVERNANCE capability.

  • DUMMY_GUARD: Acts as a placeholder guard constant for the buyer-guard field.