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Royalty policy

The royalty policy extends the functionality of the base kip.token-policy-v2 interface to provide specific rules for token actions and royalty payouts during the sale of a non-fungible token.

Source code: royalty-policy.pact

Schema and table

  • royalty-schema: Stores royalty-related information for NFTs, like the creator, royalty rate, and the associated fungible token.
  • royalties Table: Maintains royalty configurations for NFTs managed under the policy, including the token ID and its associated royalty details.


  • GOVERNANCE: Governs contract upgrades.
  • ROYALTY @event: Emits the token-id and registered royalty information during enforce-init.
  • ROYALTY-PAYOUT @event: Emits royalty payout information during enforce-buy if a royalty is paid.


  • enforce-init: Sets initial royalty information for a token, ensuring artists get their royalties.
  • enforce-buy: Manages royalty payouts during sales. Validates and abides by the agreed terms between buyer and seller.

Payload message


Initializes and validates a royalty for a fungible token. The royalty-schema object contains necessary fields like fungible, creator, creator-guard, royalty-rate, and quote-policy.



Triggered within the enforce-buy function when a sale concludes, and a royalty payment is made to the token's creator. Emitting line: (emit-event (ROYALTY sale-id (at 'id token) royalty-payout creator))