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Register and sign with Kadena SpireKey

Kadena SpireKey is an innovative approach to authenticating user accounts and signing transactions in Web3 and decentralized applications. Kadena SpireKey leverages the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) API to provide a secure backend that simplifies the end user experience. With Kadena SpireKey, users can register a device for authentication, connect to a wallet, and sign transactions using methods that feel familiar to them. For example, an application might present a QR code for them to scan to approve a transaction from a phone or from a credential identifier stored in browser.

If you're an application developer, you can integrate Kadena SpireKey as part of your application work flow. Users can authenticate their identity and sign transactions without using passwords or managing public and secret keys. Instead, they can use any authentication method that supports passkeys, including Apple ID, Google Accounts, or hardware security keys.

If you're building decentralized applications, implementing Kadena SpireKey can help bring down the barriers to adoption by providing a more secure authentication and authorization process with fewer steps and a more familiar flow.

By making transactions easier and more secure, Kadena SpireKey can improve how people interact with digital services and make Web3 more accessible and practical for everyday use.

For more information about using Kadena SpireKey or connecting to Kadena SpireKey from a decentralized application, see the following topics: